Friday , April 19th 2019
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Top 10 Candle Making Tips for Newbies

Candle making is an art and can become quite a lucrative hobby if mastered. This is a perfect idea for home business or as a side hustle. Follow these top tips from candle making experts to give yourself a head start into candle making.

  1. One must dedicate ample time to this great art. Those who are creative and patient can become good candle makers.
  2. As a beginner candle-maker, start with creating simple candles, to avoid frustration.
  3. Take time and experiment as to what suits the best with your set up.
  4. Work on the necessary changes patiently.
  5. Start with the implementation of good safety habits. Melt at the proper temperatures.
  6. Try and experiment with the cooling process.
  7. Keep experimenting with your unique combination of scents, dyes, and shapes for the candles.
  8. Learn from your mistakes and individual experiences. This smoothens the process of learning candle making.
  9. Do not resort to multi-tasking, else you would feel candle making more of a burden.
  10. Use high quality materials to ensure you enjoy the candle making process and also to ensure the candle burns completely.

These 10 tips should help you stay safe during candle making and also help you make great candles that you can gift your friends and family or even start your own home business.