Friday , April 19th 2019
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Top 10 Candle Making Tips for Newbies

Candle making is an art and can become quite a lucrative hobby if mastered. This is a perfect idea for home business or as a side hustle. Follow these top tips from candle making experts to give yourself a head start into candle making.

  1. One must dedic... Read more

Basics of Candle Making And What You Need To Get Started

Candles in the current scenario are used for several purposes like decoration & gifts. They are always an indispensable part of the festivities and usual home décor. But candles are not something new for the human civilization. Candles date back to the age of cavemen!... Read more

Best Selling Candle Making Supplies

There is a reason why you should buy your candle making supplies from Amazon's best selling list. It is because it has been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of people and has been known to produce the best quality candles. Here are some of the best candle making ... Read more

Soy Candle Making Kit

Soy Candle Making

Kit includes: (4) 1 oz. fragrances, (4) Diamond color chips, (12) 8oz. Candle Tins, (1) 1lb Pouring Pot, (3)…

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