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Best Selling Candle Making Supplies

There is a reason why you should buy your candle making supplies from Amazon’s best selling list. It is because it has been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of people and has been known to produce the best quality candles. Here are some of the best candle making supplies you need to buy to take your candle making business or hobby to the next level.

For learning how to make scented candles at home check this awesome page.

Best Candle Making Supplies – High Quality Wax

Cosmetic/USP Grade, Premium Quality, Triple Filtered, Grade A White Beeswax

​Stakich Beeswax is 100% pure, filtered, and of the highest quality to give you a product that is perfect for any cosmetic or hobby use. It has been collected from pesticide-free fields making it a clean and safe choice.

With its natural anti-bacterial properties, and high water-holding capacity, it is great for lotions, lip balms and skin care products that help retain natural skin moisture. You can also melt it down to make your own aromatic candles. Pellets make it easy to melt for whatever you need.

Beeswax is the oldest and purest wax in the world. At honey harvest time, the honeycombs are carefully opened to allow for honey to drain from the comb. The bees seal the honey into the combs with wax capping placed over every cell filled with honey. This capping is removed at harvest and is used in the production of our beeswax.  Beeswax soothes and softens the skin, protects it from dehydration and provides antibacterial properties. And since beeswax candles emit very little smoke, our beeswax is great for making candles, too.

From the Stakich Beehive

Family-owned and operated since 1925, Stakich started with one simple goal: to provide top quality products for our friends and family. With a complete line of bee hive products, herbal extracts, super foods, dietary supplements and other fine items, we’re proud to offer high quality, 100% pure and natural products, with fast and reliable service worldwide.

We are continuously looking for ways to make you healthier by providing only the finest natural ingredients in all of the products we offer and cultivating a unique relationship with you! By constantly fine-tuning our mix of products to meet our high standards of quality and value, we aim to satisfy your health food and supplement needs. And with hundreds of healthy and delicious items, we hope that you, too, can fall in love with our products.

Perfect for many uses:

Furniture/Cutting Board Polish

Stakich Beeswax makes an excellent wood and furniture polish. Use it to preserve your favorite wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, shelving units, tables, chairs, and sculptures.

Simply measure 1 part beeswax with 4 parts oil (olive, coconut, jojoba, walnut, sesame, etc.) in a bowl and melt in the microwave or using a double boiler technique, stirring until combined completely.  Allow to cool in a glass or tin container, stirring occasionally until solidified. Apply liberally to your wooden products.

Lip Balms

  • 1 oz Stakich Beeswax  
  • 5 oz almond oil (olive oil can also be used) 
  • 1 Tbsp Stakich Raw Honey 
  • 4 drops of essential oil (rose, orange, lavender) 
  • Lip balm tube or containers 
  • Glass measuring cup  
  • Disposable pipettes  

Measure 1 oz Beeswax and 5 oz almond oil into a saucepan. Melt the wax with the oil using a “double boiler” technique, filling a saucepan halfway with water and heating over medium heat. Stir slowly, and when the wax is completely melted, add 1 Tbsp of honey and continue to stir until combined completely.

Remove the saucepan from the heat and allow to cool for 3-5 minutes. Add essential oil, stirring for 1 minute. Use the disposable pipettes to transfer the mixture into your tube or containers and allow to cool completely.


Did you know Beeswax candles purify the air in your home? Our high quality beeswax releases negative ions when burned, which works to detoxify the air. Many people burn beeswax candles to achieve this effect, or to replace store bought candles, which often contain toxic chemicals.

Perfect as a gift or your own pleasure, set a comfortable, intimate mood with natural candles, enhanced by the mild, sweet scent of honey.

The Candlemaker’s Store Natural Soy Wax

  • This is a good container blend with a 121-125 melt point that is blended with 2% of our Universal Soy Wax Additive
  • This wax can hold up to 15% Fragrance and has an incredible hot throw
  • You can also blend this with the 416 Soy wax to create beautiful tarts

Some tips for beginner candle makers when using this wax:

This soy wax is perfect if you’re just starting to make candles. Shipped fast in a large resealable bag.

1) Clean glasses and ceramic cups/bowls/jars thoroughly. I used mason jars I had at home and bought a few ceramic cups from thrift stores.
2) Melted wax flakes in a cleaned tin can (ones that hold canned food), inside a heavy-bottomed pot. Don’t turn up heat too high.
3) Use candy thermometer to track temperature while gently stirring flakes until melted. Remove can holding wax from heat when thermometer reads 180-185 degrees F.
4) Depending on type of fragrance you’re using, let wax cool until you’re able to add fragrance. I used fragrance oils from Candle Science most of which were safe to add at 180 degrees F.
5) While wax cools, thread wicks through wick tabs (B001683N86 I fray the end that’s going to the bottom of the candle so when I make the wick taught later I won’t pull the wick out.
6) If using glass, run it under a hair dryer or hot water to warm up the glass. This will help the wax bond with the glass instead of making holes along the sides.
7) Place the wick and wick tab inside the container. Pour in just enough wax to cover the top of the wick tab. Don’t worry about the placement–just make sure it’s at the bottom and covered with wax. Let the wax you just poured cool until it’s slightly opaque (should not be liquid, but not completely solid), and then press wick tab down gently (I used a chopstick) into the middle of your container. This wax will harden over the wick tab so it’ll stay anchored at the bottom. By the time the wax hardens, the rest of your wax should be ready to pour.
8) Let the rest of the wax continue to cool until 110-115 degrees F. Pour in the rest of the wax, leaving some space at the top of the container so wax won’t overflow when burning later.
6) Wrap a rubber band around the center of a pen or pencil. *Gently* guide the end of the wick into the rubber band. Make the wick stand taught and straight and rest pencil or pen over the top of your container.
6) Let the candle cool undisturbed. Don’t make the mistake I made by putting it in the fridge! It’ll cause cracks over the top if you cool it too quickly. I remove the rubber band off the wick when it feels pretty stable (usually no longer than 20-30 min. after wax poured).
7) If cracks or any other imperfections do appear over the top, run a hair dryer over the top on low. It’ll melt the top layer and settle beautifully with a slightly frosty appearance.
8) In 24 hours your candle will be ready to burn! I hope these tips can help another beginner out!

Best Candle Making Supplies – Dyes

Wax dyes are a must have candle making supplies for any serious candle maker. Adding dyes to your candles will add that extra pop of color to go with your scent and can create an wholesome experience that is usually associated with candles.

Important to know:

1. How to increase the number of shades? The dye for candle making supplies can be easily crushed into small pieces, allowing you to mix it with other dyes, thereby creating a variety of colors and shades.

2. Acceleration of dissolution: To accelerate the process of dissolving the dye mix with the mass of the candle, maintain the melted wax/soy base at a temperature of at least 150 – 170 °F degrees

3. Calculate the required amount of candle wax dye

Dosage depends on the fat content, hardness and purity of candle mass. More dye is required for wax candles.

To dye the entire base of 1 lb paraffin weighing,  add only 0.02-0.06 oz. of dye. Meanwhile, soy candle wax weighing about 1 lb, you need to add 0.03-0.08 oz of your favorite dye.

DIY Dye Flakes for Candle Making Supplies Kit for Making Scented Candles

A total of 16 colors come in this pack and is one of the top quality dyes for soy or paraffin based candles.

Soy candle making dyes are completely dissolved, and hence there won’t be any clots in the candle mass, and staining will be even. In addition, the finished candle keeps the brightness of the color which means that the surface will not flake and will not tarnish with time. These organic soy wax beads could be used as scented 16 pack of wonder dyes, and as Christmas candle making supplies, for pillar and glass candle making.

  • CANDLE DYE with 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you can exchange DIY dye flakes for different ones or get your money back, no questions asked.
  • SOY CANDLE WAX DOSAGE: Only 0.02-0.06 oz. of candle wax dye is needed for full coloring of 1 lb. of the candle mass. This amount of candle wax beans will suffice to make the candle vibrant and pure color.
  • SOY WAX DYES: We offer high quality solid candle making dyes, suitable for wax and paraffin bases. These dye chips for candles, don’t clot, the candle surface doesn’t flake or tarnish with time.
  • WAX CANDLE DYE: The candle variety kit contains 16 packs of wax dye in each bag. When the candle dye chips melt, mix DIY candle wax dye carefully for a few minutes.
  • CANDLE WAX SAFETY: We present you only with what we would have bought ourselves. These wax flakes are cruelty and vegan free. They are non-toxic, animal friendly, irritant and stain free, gentle and safe to skin.

Dye chips for making candles – 8 colors

 Individually packed, mix of 8 colors pigment dyes specifically made for candle making. This will be the most beautiful candle making supplies you will ever own. This pack is cheap but is very high quality and will serve you well in your candle making hobby for months and years to come.

Use the dye tips shown above for this dye chips as well and you will be glad you followed the instructions. 🙂

Best Candle Making Supplies – Molds

If you just started making candles or have been making candles for quite some time, you would have been wondering how some of those incredible, intricate candle shapes are made – the answer is simple – molds!!

Molds have become and should be an integral part of your candle making supplies. There are a variety of shapes and materials to choose from. It is better to choose a mold set that has variety of shapes rather than a single mold. It maybe okay when you are starting out, but you will find that you soon grow out of it. And believe me, it is no fun to make candle using one mold and wait for 24 hours before making another.

Here are some of our favorite candle making molds and we are sure you will love them. Oh and don’t forget to combine multiple shapes to create your own unique design. 🙂

Candle Shop – Candle Molds set (12 candle molds)

 This ultimate candle mold set comes with 120 ft of wick free. So you can completely skip the next essential candle making supplies section.

  • QUANTITY: This candle mold set includes a wide variety of candle molds to suit different needs and tastes of candle makers. The 12 DIY molds are the answer to the customers’ requests
  • QUALITY: These molds are extremely durable and made of safe plastic that is the best quality for candle making. The material is resistant to high and low temperatures.
  • CONSTRUCTION: The molds are divided into two parts: the body and the lid, to make it easier to comfortably take a candle out. Candle molds are for paraffin, wax, beeswax.
  • SAFETY: These molds are made of Caprolon, a very durable material which is suitable for casting paraffin, wax, beeswax and other bases. The molds can withstand high and low temperatures without damage and/or cracking and can be reused numerous times. There is no harm from the materials used.

Best Candle Making Supplies – Scent

Aromatherapy is a fairly new concept that is said to alter the state of mind through subtle scent. Adding essential oild and other fragrances into candles is a great way to this new wholesome healing process. CandleScience is a company that is at the forefront of all things candle making. Look no further than candlescience for all your fragrance needs. There are numerous high quality scents that will become a permanent part of your candle making supplies.

Here are some of our favorites (Just click on the images to learn more):

These 4 oz bottles normally run up to $15, but trust me it is one thing you dont want to skimp on. Nothing is worse than a horrible smelling candle that you have spent hours and hours making.

Hope these candle making supplies list help you on your journey to become the best candle maker you can ever be. Please let us know what you think with comments below.